0 Hidden Treasure - What’s Been Found In A Skip?

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Skip Hire Stories

It’s amazing what some people will throw out. Skip hire Croydon companies are usually faced with the same rubbish again and again; construction materials, domestic waste. However, sometimes you’ll find things in a skip which are not all that common. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the unique things that people have found in the skips when they come back to the company.

Letters From WWI

One of the weirdest things that have ever been found by someone in a skip is letters which date all the way back to World War I. The letters were from a soldier on the frontlines, and were sent to his wife, who he loved very much. The soldier in question did survive the war, but was deeply upset by the atrocities and horrifying events he witnessed as a result of fighting.


A Caravan

That’s right. You’re not imagining it, and neither are we. A skip hire company in the Newport area found a skip which had a 1.3 ton caravan resting on top of it. How it was perched up there is a mystery, but we do know that it wasn’t taken anywhere. Besides being highly dangerous, it also isn’t practical.

Human Ashes

One of the more odd things found in a skip, someone decided to throw away human ashes. The urns which contained the last remaining presence of the deceased were found by eagle-eyed workers who saved them from destruction. A relative managed to hear of the ashes, and was able to come forward and collect them, effectively saving them from being lost forever.

Overall, these are just a few of the different things which you really would not expect to see in a skip, but they have appeared there nonetheless. While these aren’t items which we’ve seen in our skip hire Croydon, we’re not surprised that some oddities have been sighted! The most sensible option for anyone who is trying to dispose of rubbish in a skip is just to actually take a look at the guidelines, and then dispose accordingly. A skip is a valuable resource for people who are trying to get rid of a lot of rubbish en masse, but they also should not be taken lightly. A skip hire will just refuse to take a lot of items if they don’t fit into the guidelines of the skip, so it’s important to make sure whatever you do put in is allowed.


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