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Recycling waste materials

If you’re part of a project or working on a construction site, then it stands to reason that there has be a waste-management strategy in place, otherwise there could be a series of health and safety regulations that are being broken.

As such, many look for skip hire in Bromley to help aid their waste-management, but there are some considerations that need to be made before you hire a skip.

What Kind of Waste Will Be Disposed Of?

Not only does having an idea of knowing what type of skip you will need help with cost, it also aids you with a more streamlined waste-management solution. For example, skip hire is ideal for projects that will involve a lot of cardboard, wood, soil, metal, plastic and garden waste.

Always Think Green

Many companies want to operate in a way that’s less detrimental to the environment. This often includes encouraging recycling whenever possible. Not only does recycling help reduce the carbon footprint, but it also improves the reputation of a company.

The type of skips needed can depend on the project, but more often than not, there are often solutions in place that can contribute towards a segregated waste management plan.

How Long Will the Project Last?

Regardless of whether you’re erecting a new building or restoring an old one, there can be instances that affect how long the project will last. However, it can be a good idea to have a rough estimate as to how long the project will last, so we can ensure that we have availability to the skips needed.

In some instances, you may be unsure as to what kind of solution you require. Fear not, as speaking to the right kind of professional can ensure that you’re only employing a solution that suited to your circumstances.

Will I Require a License?

If you plan to place the skip on private property, then as long as you have permission, there is no requirement for a license. However, if you’re planning to have some skips places on a local road, then a license will be required.

Waste Buster Skip Hire is able to take care of any license requirements should you wish, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Waste Buster Skip Hire has been in the skip hire industry for several years, and has worked with many customers on many different types of project. If you’re currently considering skip hire in Bromley, and you’re looking for more information, then why not contact Waste Buster Skip Hire today to discuss your requirements in more detail.