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When considering local skip hire, you would be forgiven for thinking that anything can be disposed of. While skip hire in Purley is an ideal way of getting rid of unwanted clutter, there are some items that can’t be placed in a skip.

There are various reasons for this, but it mostly boils down to the safety aspect. There are a series of goods that must be disposed of in a certain way, otherwise the ramifications could be a risk to health and safety.

Electrical Appliances

As you will be aware, recycling is promoted by a series of authorities, and this is why electrical appliances cannot be placed in a skip. If taken to a recycling point, they can be used again. Even if the item is beyond any capability, the recycling plant will ensure that the goods are disposed of in a safe way.

If an electrical item, such as a television, was thrown into the skip, there is also the danger of hazardous particles being released.


Batteries come in different shapes and sizes, from an AAA to a car battery. However, regardless of what type of batteries you’re looking to disposed of, they cannot be placed in a skip. Again, this is due to the dangerous substances contained within batteries, such as lead.

If you’re looking to dispose of batteries, then there are normally collection points at local supermarkets, or you can take to them to your nearest recycling point.

Light Bulbs

Just like the other items mentioned in this list, light bulbs tend to contain harmful toxins, so there not something that should be disposed of via local skip hire. If you do have a lot of light bulbs that you need to dispose of, then it’s recommended that you contact your local authority who will be able to point you in the right direction.


This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but the seriousness of using skip hire in Purley for removing asbestos is worth reinforcing. Although a material that was used back in the day, recent times have shown that asbestos can contribute to a plethora of illnesses, including cancer. As such, the material should not be placed within a skip.

There are specialist companies that are fully trained to dispose of asbestos in a safe and responsible way, ensuring it doesn’t pose a threat during the disposal process.

Fuel and Paint

Both fuel and paint are materials that are renowned for including a list of harmful substances, which could cause injury and illness should they be disposed of n the right way. To ensure both employees and customer remain safe, Waster Buster Skip Hire does NOT allow for the disposal of fuel and paint. Like asbestos, you should look for a professional that is insured and experienced that can dispose of the material safely.

While it’s handy to know that a great deal of your waste can be solved by choosing skip hire in Purley, it’s also worth knowing what you can’t dispose of to ensure that there are no wasted efforts when it comes to local skip hire.