0 Points to Consider When Choosing Skip Hire

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Example of unsafe skip loading

When considering skip hire in Purley, you will often be met by a series of businesses and solutions, which can make the whole hiring process a little confusing. However, it’s simply a case of ascertaining our needs, and ensuring we choose the right skip hire for our requirements. The following are some points you should consider when hiring a skip.

How Much Waste Will You Have?

While there is no way of knowing the exact amount of waste you will have, you can normally approximate by looking at the kind of project you’re undertaking. If you’re having a house clearance, then you should be fine with one-day skip hire. A smaller skip is likely to hold around 35 refuse sacks of waste, which is often enough for smaller jobs.

If you have a bigger project, then you may need to opt for a larger skip over a larger timescale. Construction and renovation jobs may require a maxi skip.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t be limited to one skip, you simply need to look at how much waste you will have and look at the more cost-effective solution.

Will You Need a Permit?

If the skip is going to be placed on your own property, then it’s likely a permit will not be required. However, if the skip needs to be placed on the road, then you may need to apply for a permit. This is done via the local authority, but issuing times may vary, so it can be worthwhile taking this into account when planning your skip hire.

It’s also worth noting that many local councils will want people who hire skips to ensure that they are using an official company that will ensure that the correct safety measures are in place. As such, if you come across a company that offers prices that seem too good to be true, it’s worth doing some research beforehand.

How Long Will You Need the Skip?

When looking at skip hire, many often focus on the size alone, but we should also look at the timescale. Evidently, there will be a higher cost for skips that are booked for several days as opposed to one, but trying to do too much to save money can mean you’re spending more moving forward.

For example, if you were to book a skip, but you’re met with many obstructions throughout the day, then you may have paid for a skip that’s not been used. Looking at your project in greater detail means you can opt for a skip hire solution that’s suitable for your needs, while remaining cost-effective.

If you’re currently considering skip hire, but you’re still unsure of what solution suits your needs best, then why not Contact WasteBusters Skip Hire for an informal discussion. As well as giving advice in relation to your skip hire, it can also give advice in relation to any permits that may be required.