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New building project Croydon

Skip hire can make cumbersome jobs more straightforward. It means fewer rubbish bags and debris lying about, ensuring that work areas are kept clear. However, if this your first time looking at a skip hire in Croydon, then you may be wondering as to what size skip you should opt for. Small skip hire prices will often be lower, but the price you pay shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Skips are available in a selection of sizes, meaning that you should focus more on the space you need, otherwise you could end up spending more in skip hire as a result.

The Mini Skip

As the name would suggest, the mini skip is the smallest type of skip available. The space available is two cubic meters and can hold the equivalent of 22 full refuse sacks. If you have a DIY project, or a small amount of garden waste to dispose of, then the mini skip should be able to meet your needs.

The mini skip is among the cheaper options, as small skip hire prices differ to that of larger alternatives, but it’s important to ensure that the skip you use is suitable for the task at hand.

The Midi Skip

If you have a larger clearance job, then it stands to reason that you will need more space. A midi skip allows offers four cubic yards of space, and is ideal for those larger items that may not fit in a mini skip. An example of this can be old doors that need to be disposed of. It is also suitable for large landscaping jobs. As a guise, a midi skip will hold approximately 45 full refuse sacks of waste.

Builder’s Skip

When working on a property, there can be high levels of debris that need to be disposed of. The builder’s skip is often used by those looking to get rid of soil, concrete and rubble easily. The job is often made easier thanks to the front door included on some builder’s skips, which allows for easy access. This type of skip can also be used to dispose of medium levels of household and gardening waste.

Larger Projects

There can be many reasons as to why people opt for skip hire in Croydon, and there can be times when something larger is needed. For example, a large house clearance can mean a huge amount of waste which can be too cumbersome for smaller skips. Fortunately, there are larger skips available that start from 8yd3 which look to contend with the more demanding aspects of waste removal.

Larger skip hire is often used for house extensions, renovations and clearances, but the possibilities are endless.

Large skip hire prices are more expensive than that of smaller alternatives, but is more cost-effective than the when it comes to bigger jobs that will produce more waste.

Still Not Sure?

Of course, there can be times where you’re just not sure as to why type of skip hire is required. Fortunately, you can discuss your project in more detail by speaking to WasteBusters Skip Hire directly. As well as being able to provide you with solid advice as to what skip will suit your project, as well as answer any other queries you may have.