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Skip hire safety in Sutton

Wastebusters Skip hire always put safety first when it come to hiring a skip in Sutton and any area. You need to think about safety at all times when it comes to how you use the skip and where it is positioned. We’re going to be looking at a few tips and things to consider when it comes to using your skip responsibly and safely.

Make sure you put your skip in a safe place

One of the first things that you need to do is to put the skip you have hired in a safe place. Depending upon your choice of the skip you’ve chosen, you can either have a large model or a smaller one. In any instance, it should be placed on the firm ground and not anywhere which is going to cause an accident. A driveway or land which is part of your property is always a good idea, as well as any areas which are away from roads and places where people can park.

Do not overfill the skip

A common mistake that people make is to overfill their skip, which is illegal. If the materials inside the skip rise above the sides, it is against the law for a skip hire company to transport it the skip anywhere on the roads, in case the waste were to fall off and obscure the road or strike passing vehicles.

Make sure you load the skip correctly

When it comes to loading your skip from a skip hire Sutton, you want to make sure that you’re loading it in the best possible way. This is accomplished by putting all of the heavy items into the skip first, and allowing loose sediment and smaller waste to fill the gaps and thus create a level surface. This ensures that there’s no sudden collapses or damages caused while the skip is moving.

Overall, these are just a few safety tips for when you hire a skip in Sutton. Skips are valuable resources and should be used wisely, to ensure that you have an efficient way of getting rid of your rubbish, but the waste is moved in such a way that protects the people around you and also follows all the legal procedures for skip transportation and usage. If you’re looking for a skip, then WasteBusters can provide you with skips of varying shapes and sizes, and strive to ensure that you can handle whatever rubbish you need to move.