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Recycling ideas

When it comes to recycling, there are ways to complete your task which is more efficient than others. We appreciate that recycling large amounts of rubbish can be difficult, so we’re taking a look at a few tips for summer recycling, all of which will work best when paired with our skip hire Sutton.

Don’t be so quick to throw away

While it can seem easy to throw something away when it has outlived its use, this can result in a big pile of rubbish which is harder to get rid of. If you can reuse something, or repurpose it for another function, then it is advised that you do so. For example, old furniture which is made of wood could be broken down and used as firewood.

Don’t throw it all in together

Regardless of where the rubbish goes, it all ends up at a landfill site if you don’t recycle it. This means that it can and will just sit for hundreds of years, as plastic and other such materials do not break down. To try and prevent this, we suggest that you sort the rubbish carefully before putting into any skip, and checking to see if there’s anything that can be recycled before you do.

Use a reliable skip

This may seem like a given, but when it comes to recycling, a good skip can make all the difference. Our skips, for example, are designed to be able to allow you to get rid of as much waste as possible, without sacrificing on price. A good skip will prove to be helpful when you’re trying to remove a lot of waste at once, so if you’re looking for skip hire Sutton, you should waste no expense and use the best skips available.

Overall, these are a few tips for when you have a lot of recycling and waste to dispose of during the summer time. It is important that you take the right steps to ensure that the waste you do throw away is sorted correctly and can be recycled as efficiently as possible. If you’re looking to hire a skip, then Wastebusters can provide you with one, so you can have all of the resources you need to get rid of your waste in a manner which is quick and efficient. If the waste is gone quickly, then you can get on with enjoying your summer!